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Bridge loan funding for new purchases or restoring your cash position

Bridge loans support three types of transactions on non-owner-occupied properties including single-family residences, 2-4 units, condos, and PUDs:

Rehab Loan
  • New Purchase – We can provide the funds to purchase the property plus the renovation costs and can close quickly allowing you to compete against cash buyers
  • Delayed Purchase Refi – Using your own cash or home equity to purchase a property, restore your original cash position within 6 months of the property purchase
  • Seasoned Refi – Owned the investment property for 6 months or longer? Sometimes a project can take longer than expected and these bridge loans can be a perfect way to provide extra runway to get you across the finish line
  • Rates as low as 6.95%*
  • Loans from $100k – $1.5MM
  • Up to 90% of purchase price
  • Up to 75% of after-repair value
  • 12, 18 & 24 mo. terms w/ interest-only options
  • No application fees
  • No appraisal
  • No income or employment verification
  • No asset verification

How much can I borrow with a real estate bridge loan?

Don’t settle for banks draining your funds with down payment requirements, having to borrow against your 401k, or working with other lenders’ inconsistent leverage options. Our bridge loans provide the leverage to fund both the purchase and rehab costs for investment properties.

Alternative financing up to 90% “initial” LTC plus 100% of rehab costs. Your FICO score and real estate exit experience are two of the biggest factors in what leverage option you qualify for.

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